Digital thermostat or effect regulator with room, floor and limit sensor.
ComfortTemp750 is an electronic thermostat or effect regulator with inbuilt sensor, floor sensor and max / min limit in the floor sensor (NTC). The display has icons for easy operation.

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The thermostat has two sensors for accuracy and safety. The thermostat can directly control up to 3600W (16A). For larger loads ComfortTemp750 can control contactors.

ComfortTemp750 has settings for night temperature / frost protection and an option to set desired value via an external clock. Suitable for use together with GSMFixiPlus. The relay in GSMFixiPlus is used as a control relay switching between night temperature / frost protection and comfort temperature. The temperatures are set on ComfortTemp750.

The product is delivered with front for ELKO RS, Etman, B&J JUSSI or ELJO TREND.

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ComfortTemp750 is suitable for