Areas of use

Sikom products have a wide range of Areas of use. Some examples are houses, second homes, offices, factories, churches, church halls, schools, boats and maritime, waterworks, server room and remote control of floodlights for sporting arenas.

Easy monitoring of operation critical infrastructure, for example unmanned installations and remote locations. Sikom can also adapt the solutions and customize the software according to your individual requirements.

Some areas of use

Heating control and energy saving, temperature monitoring, burglary, fire, electrical circuits, switches, floats, battery voltage, PLC, automation, remote start of pumps, internet routers, servers, data racks and other technical installations.

In-depth explanations

We have many years experience in the industry and great knowledge and expertise developing both hardware and software solutions. A number of major companies are trusting us to help them deal with the challenges in this field. We manage your products online and the user has an easy to use device and all the control they need.

Sikom AS delivers the most flexible Smart Home solutions in the Nordic countries. We have developed, produced and sold reliable solutions since 1997. Your electrician knows that Sikom means quality.

Our wide portfolio of products is the basis for flexible and affordable solutions that can fit all kinds of kinds of homes, from single rooms to mansions.

Sikom AS has delivered reliable solutions for technical facilities for more than a decade. With our solutions you save time and money and ensure reliable and efficient operations.

With our solutions you can monitor the day to day operations, which makes troubleshooting easy. For instance, you will be notified instantly if a substation goes down, allowing you to identify the problem and make the station operational as quickly as possible. Our solutions can also provide notifications i real time if there has been a break-in or when technical equipment may fail because of high temperatures or rising water levels.

Sikom AS is the largest supplier of remote controlled heating solutions in the Nordic Countries! Since 1997 we have developed, manufactured and sold reliable and robust solutions for remote control of heating and alarm to the Nordic cottage market. The fact that well over 50,000 cabin owners have used us as their supplier of one remote controlled heating solutions, we take as a sign of quality. With a wide range of products, we have a solution that fits all type of second homes.