How to differentiate Fixi SMS and Fixi Plus

The products GSM Fixi SMS and GSM Fixi Plus look identical on the outside (on both it says GSM Fixi SMS on the top cover).

Here is a description of how you can tell these two products apart.

If you need to know which product you have you can check one of the following:

A) If you have a value code for the product, you have a GSM Fixi Plus. If so, you can control the product with MinHytte.

B) Press the F button. If the light comes on immediately you have a GSM Fixi SMS (remember to turn off F again). If you have to press and hold the F button for about 5 seconds before the light comes on you have a GSM Fixi Plus

C) Take a look at the silver label at the bottom of the product. Old GSM Fixi SMS has model number 300-8090V16 to 300-8090V19 while new GSM Fixi Plus has model number 300-8090V20.

D) Turn off the power to the product. GSM Fixi Plus has Inbuilt battery and will remain on for a few hours after a power failure (the control LEDs will still be on). On GSM Fixi SMS the control LEDs will go off as soon as the power is disconnected (also remember to disconnect -BP12- battery backup if present).

E) Open the cover. If there is a battery directly under the cover you have a GSM Fixi Plus.

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