Central Unit

Central Unit is the starting point to controlling every single Node in your home or cabin. All control signals are sent via Central Unit.

You send commands to Central Unit from you mobile to turn the power on or off, and Central Unit sends the command on to Node. Similarly, alerts from Node are sent via Central Unit to your mobile.

Central Unit of the type Do it yourself, DIY you can normally install yourself on the wall, while products which require Authorized installator should be installed in the fuse box.

Please note that products such as GSMMini combines Central Unit and Node in one unit. This is the easiest way to get started with heating control.

Central Unit controls every single node either via Control by relay or Control by Radio.

When using solutions such as MinHytte Central Unit normally communicates with the server via Control by GPRS and you use the app MinHytte app to control it from your smartphone.

If you are using your own GSM SIM card in Central Unit you can send messages directly with Control by SMS.

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