GSM Eco-Comfort is a very versatile large capacity control unit. It can control up to 64 wireless devices and covers everything from wireless plugs for control of heaters, relays for installation in fuse boxes, wireless floor/room thermostats and a wide range of detectors.

GSM Eco-Controller is a very versatile control unit for smart houses and cabins.

This large capacity unit can control up to 64 wireless devices.

Otherwise same functionality as GSM Eco-Comfort but with Modbus and RS485 in addition and intended for installation in the fuse box.

See GSM Eco-Comfort for more details.

GSM Fixi Plus is our bestselling control unit for installation in fuse box. With 2 inbuilt 16A relays, 2 ports for temperature sensors, inbuilt battery for power failure warnings and 1 alarm port this unit is all you need for a wide range of installations.