Installation types

Our products are recommended for
Installation, Do it yourself, DIY, Rehabilitation and New buildings.


Many people choose to let an electrician install the technical equipment and make sure that it works. This gives the greatest flexibility in terms of what and how many devices are to be controlled and the electrician has access to a wider range of products.

Do it yourself, DIY

A DIY installation is suitable if you want to remotely control a device which is connected with a plug socket, e.g a heater. The equipment is designed to eliminate the need for an electrician.


When renovating cabins and houses there are often problems with wiring and number of electric circuits. This is where the central units with radio communication come into their own. They are very suitable for renovation projects since they can combine fixed installation in the fuse box with wireless equipment in cabin or home.

New buildings

If you are building a new cabin we recommend that you talk to the electrician at an early stage so that they are aware of your wishes and requirements and can incorporate them in their work plans. You are very welcome to talk to us first, we have many years experience of remote control of heating and alarm in cabins and houses.