Remote control of BEHA panel heaters

ECOBEHAPlug is our new plug-in module for the Norwegian heater manufacturer Beha.

ECOBEHAPlug is particularly suitable for a house or cottage where you want to be able to turn the heater off completely when you are not there (energy saving function "OFF").

ECOBEHAPlug is connected directly to the heater and gives you the option to control the heater centrally or remotely between either:

1) Comfort temperature, the temperature is set on the thermostat wheel on the heater


2) Energy saving function. There are three energy saving settings: night temperature, frost function or off (heather completely turned off).

The default setting is night temperature. You can choose energy saving setting in the app.

Explanation of the three energy saving features:

Night temperature - the temperature is lowered 4-5 below the temperature that the thermostat wheel on the heater is set to.

Frost function - the temperature is lowered to around 5-7 degrees.

Off - the heater is turned off completely and will not turn on until the systemet is set to comfort temperature again.

The temperature in the room is not accesible via ECOBEHAPlug. For temperature reading, we recommend a product such as ECOTemperatureSensor10K47K or WirelessTemperatureDetector.

‚ÄčAll control is based on the temperature wheel on the heater. ECOBEHAPlug is compatible with all BEHA heaters of type P and L produced from August 2005.

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