Eco Glamox Plug

Remote control of Glamox panel heaters

Eco Glamox Plug is a plug-in module for heaters in the 3001 series from Glamox Heating.

Eco Glamox Plug is connected directly to the heater and provides the option to centrally and remotely control heaters via our apps.

You decide the energy saving and the comfort temperature for the heater. Minimum energy saving temperature is 5 degrees Celsius and maximum comfort temperature is 40 degrees Celsius.

Our apps make it easy to switch between energy saving and comfort temperature or to set up a Energy saving.

Eco Glamox Plug transmits the temperature measured on the back of the heater so that you can see the temperature in our app.

Eco Glamox Plug makes it easier than ever to control heaters from your mobile phone.

Compatible with Glamox heaters of type 3001.

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