Eco Wall Socket

Eco Node Wall Socket

Eco Wall Socket is a remote controlled plug with radio communication to and from our central units. Both outputs are controlled synchronously.

Eco Wall Socket makes a neat and permanent installation easier without the use of wireless plugs such as ECO Node ( 64 311 24). The installation is simply much safer.

Eco Wall Socket is equally suitable for open and hidded installations. Max load 16A/3600W. Everything that is connected to Eco Wall Socket will be remote controlled so it is important not to connect electronic devices that you don't want to control remotely.

Eco Wall Socket can be used as a switch (on/off) or as a thermostat (energy saving/comfort).

To use Eco Wall Socket as a thermostat it needs to be connected to a temperature sensor. It is then possible to set an energy saving and a comfort temperature that you can switch between. It couldn't be easier.

Eco Wall Socket needs to be registered in the central unit through a specific process described in the user manual.

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