ECOTemperatureSensor10K47K is a cabled temperature sensor for use with Sikom equipment using this type of sensor.

The main advantage with a cabled temperature sensor is that it never runs out of power. ECOTemperatureSensor10K47K is equally suitable for open and hidden electrical installations. It can be installed straight onto the wall or directly on a wall box for a hidded installation.

ECOTemperatureSensor10K47K has two temperature sensors of NTC type, one at 10 kilo ohm and one at 47 kilo ohm so that it is compatible with both old and new equipment.

ECOTemperatureSensor10K47K has a classic sleek design (RS16).

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Egenskaper til ECOTemperatureSensor10K47K

EL-numberElnummer: 64 311 04
Product producerSikom
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