Eco Thermostat Pill

This compact device transforms a thermostat with signal input into a central or remotely controlled thermostat.

It is designed for hidden installation and delivers two control signals to the thermostat: 230 VAC and 230 VAC via a rectifier diode. This makes the thermostat completely flexible.

Eco Thermostat Pill has been tested with:
Comforttemp 750 from VarmeComfort - Day (comfort), Night (energy saving) or frost protection.
Comforttemp 740 from VarmeComfort - Day (comfort), Night (energy saving) or Frost protection.
Multireg LCD2 from ThermoFloor - Day (comfort), Night (energy saving)
MTC2-1991-MH from MicroMatic - Day (comfort, Night (energy saving) or frost protection.

Eco Thermostat Pill communicates wirelessly with the central unit so it is very easy to install. We recommend a wall box with a depth of 57 mm together with Eco Thermostat Pill.

The thermostat can be remote controlled, with the option to change between normal, night mode and frost protection.

Please note that our thermostat products, such as Eco Thermostat SI-3 10Aand Eco Thermostat SI-3 16A has inbuilt remote control.

Product sheet  


Egenskaper til Eco Thermostat Pill

Control by RadioYes
Control by Radio, Frequency MHz433.9
Mains power, specification230V 50Hz AC
Mounting typeWall plug
New buildingsYes
Number of relay outputs1
Product producerSikom
Product sheetDownload
Second homeYes
Sikom Radio Protocol 2 (newer)Yes

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