Eco Thermostat SI-3 10A

Floor / room thermostat

No longer in production erstattet av Eco Thermostat SI-4 16A

Eco Thermostat SI-3 10A is a room thermostat which can be installed in a standard wall box and is used to remote control heating cables and wall-mounted heaters. The remote control switches between energy saving and comfort temperature.

When used in wet rooms a dual pole switch must be used (Eco Thermostat SI-3 10A)

When controlling large heating cables the thermostat can be set to control a contactor to ease the load on the inbuilt relay in the thermostat. When using a contactor you have to use a dual pole thermostat Eco Thermostat SI-3 10A

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Eco Thermostat SI-3 10A supports temperature sensors for most commonly used thermostats so it is very suitable for afterinstallation. Eco Thermostat SI-3 10A is compatible with temperature sensors from: Microsafe, Microtemp, Devi, Elko, Ebeko and Sikom

Eco Thermostat SI-3 10A can also be used for monitoring both high and low temperature.

Eco Thermostat SI-3 10A can be used as a room sensor, floor sensor och combined sensor where the room sensor controls the thermostat, while the floor sensor only limits max floor temperature (wood floor limit)

Eco Thermostat SI-3 10A is suitable for:
GSM Eco-Comfort
GSM Eco-Controller
CTM mTouch Hub
GSM Alarm Controller III
LAN Eco Comfort
GSM Eco-Starter
GSM Mini Plus
GSM Mini Plus (Switzerland)

Eco Thermostat SI-3 10A is suitable for