Sikom EGR1SireneNode is a slave relay for mounting on DIN rail in fuse box. EGR1SireneNode has 1 16A / 3600W relay which can be controlled remotely. It also has 1 port for temperature sensor which means that the relay can be used as a thermostat and change between energy saving and comfort temperature. With 2 ports for alarm in addition this is a very versatile product.

Identisk som EGR1 men kan ikke styres manuelt. Slår seg automatisk på hvis en alarm løses ut i systemet.   Installation manual   Product sheet  

NOK 1560.00 
EGR1SireneNode commmunicates wirelessly with Central Unit so is very easy to install. In addition to being used as a thermostat when the temperature sensor is connected it can also be used for monitoring low and high temperature.

The alarm ports S1 and S2 can be used for connection of detectors, e.g. WiredFireDetector, WiredWaterDetector and WiredPIRDetector.

When a temperature sensor is connected only alarm port S2 can be used. If not, both S1 and S2 can be used.

EGR1SireneNode is suitable for:

EGR1SireneNode is suitable for