EGR-1 Siren Node

Sikom EGR-1 Siren Node is a slave relay for mounting on DIN rail in fuse box. EGR-1 Siren Node has 1 16A / 3600W relay which can be controlled remotely. It also has 1 port for temperature sensor which means that the relay can be used as a thermostat and change between energy saving and comfort temperature. With 2 ports for alarm in addition this is a very versatile product.

Identisk som EGR-1 men kan ikke styres manuelt. Slår seg automatisk på hvis en alarm løses ut i systemet.   Installation manual   Product sheet  

NOK 1560.00 
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Products using Control by relay for anything other than low voltage must be installed by a qualified electrician.

Sikom products can be controlled in three different ways:

1) Node inbuilt in Central Unit. This is unique for GSM Mini Plus.

2) Central Unit communicates with Node via Control by Radio. A typical example of this is GSM Eco-Comfort.

3) Central Unit controls electrical circuits directly, so called Control by relay. For this option Central Unit should be installed in the fuse box. A typical example of this is GSM Fixi Plus.

Central Unit is the starting point to controlling every single Node in your home or cabin. All control signals are sent via Central Unit.

You send commands to Central Unit from you mobile to turn the power on or off, and Central Unit sends the command on to Node. Similarly, alerts from Node are sent via Central Unit to your mobile.

Place Central Unit in a room which is as central as possible so that the distance to all nodes is as small as possible.

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