EGR-1 Siren Node

Sikom EGR-1 Siren Node is a slave relay for mounting on DIN rail in fuse box. EGR-1 Siren Node has 1 16A / 3600W relay which can be controlled remotely. It also has 1 port for temperature sensor which means that the relay can be used as a thermostat and change between energy saving and comfort temperature. With 2 ports for alarm in addition this is a very versatile product.

Identisk som EGR-1 men kan ikke styres manuelt. Slår seg automatisk på hvis en alarm løses ut i systemet.   Installation manual   Product sheet  

NOK 1560.00 

Egenskaper til EGR-1 Siren Node

Additional descriptionIdentisk som -EGR1- men kan ikke styres manuelt. Slår seg automatisk på hvis en alarm løses ut i systemet.
EL-numberElnummer: 64 311 80
Inbuilt batteryNo
Installation manualDownload
Local control displayNo
Retail price, NOK (including VAT)1560
Battery notificationNo
Cabled alarmNo
Control by RadioYes
Control by Radio, Frequency MHz433.9
Control by Radio, rangeCa 30 m
Control by relayYes
Declaration of ConformityDownload
Dimensions52mm x 89mm x 58mm (bxhxd)
External batteryYes
Local control buttonsNo
Local control indicatorsNo
Mains powerYes
Mains power, specification230V 50Hz AC
Max number of nodes1
Max number of relay outputs1
Mounting typeFuse box
Number of alarm inputs2
Number of DIN-rail modules3
Number of relay outputs1
Power by Low voltageYes
Power by Low voltage, specification12-15V DC
Power notificationNo
Product model300-8307
Product producerSikom
Product sheetDownload
Relay, max load16A 230V
Relay, puls functionNo
Sikom Radio Protocol 2 (newer)Yes
Siren outputNo
Temperature input (screw terminal)No
Temperature range, Operation-20 °C — +50 °C
Thermostat ControlYes
Weight, grams170 grams
Standard Guarantee termsYes

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