GSM 12A+

GSM 12A+ is a control unit intended for 12V. With 2 inbuilt relays, 2 ports for temperature sensors, 2 ports for alarm detectors and low power consumption it is a very useful product for locations with no mains electricity. A bestseller for solar cell and 12V.

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NOK 2290.00 
The relays on GSM 12A+ can be used as switches (ON/OFF), one of the relays, together with the temperature sensor, can be used as a thermostat switching between e.g. energy saving and comfort temperature. In this way you can maintain a basic heat in the cabin when you are not there. You set the temperatures yourself. It also has pulse and timer control of the relays.
Sikom GSM 12A+ can control many 12V cabin heaters on the market. Examples of heaters that can use GSM 12A+ for remote control: Wallas, Cami, Inverter and Zibro


With 2 ports for temperature sensors and 2 ports for alarm detectors the expansion possibilities are limited, but we have the following auxiliary equipment for GSM 12A+:

Temperature sensors
Motion sensor
Smoke detector
Magnetic plug

Local control

Sikom GSM 12A+ can be controlled locally with switches for the relays.

Remote control

GSM 12A+ communicates via the GSM network in the form of SMS messages. In order to control the device remotely it must have an activated SIM card with an inactivated PIN code. GSM 12A+ is delivered with en M2M SIM card from Telenor, but you can use any other SIM card if you prefer.

GSM 12A+ is easily controlled with SMS commands.

Included products:
Node Temperature Sensor, 8 m

Suitable auxilliary equipment for GSM 12A+