GSM Fixi Plus

GSM Fixi Plus is our bestselling control unit for installation in fuse box. With 2 inbuilt 16A relays, 2 ports for temperature sensors, inbuilt battery for power failure warnings and 1 alarm port this unit is all you need for a wide range of installations.

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NOK 4990.00 
The relays on GSM Fixi Plus can be used as switches (ON/OFF) and also as thermostats switching between energy saving and comfort temperature.

With Inbuilt battery you are informed both in case of power failure and when the power returns.

Expansion of GSM Fixi Plus

GSM Fixi Plus is also expandable with the slave relay GS-33 so that you get 5 16A / 3600W relays in total.

Local control

GSM Fixi Plus can easily be controlled with Local control buttons

Note: GSM Fixi Plus is not supported by DEFA control systems.

Included products:
Temperature Sensor, 8 m

Suitable auxilliary equipment for GSM Fixi Plus