GSM Mini Plus

Sikom GSM Mini Plus is our Plug & Play solution for simple control purposes. GSM Mini Plus is used to remotely activate heating as well as controlling industrial appliances. The unit can control up to 8 wireless electrical outlets by radio, making it your simplest and most reliable option if you want to control appliances such as heaters.

Product sheet  

NOK 1490.00 

Egenskaper til GSM Mini Plus

Retail price, NOK (including VAT)1490
Control by GPRSYes
Control by RadioYes
Control by SMSYes
Freedom to ChooseYes
Mains powerYes
Mains power, specification230V 50Hz AC
Max number of nodes9
Mounting typeWall plug
Power notificationNo
Product model300-8050V20
Product producerSikom
Product sheetDownload
Push update is supported0
Ready to go, 1-2-3Yes
Second homeYes
Sikom Radio Protocol 2 (newer)Yes
Standard Guarantee termsYes

Suitable auxilliary equipment for GSM Mini Plus