TemperatureSensor8m is a temperature sensor with stripped cable ends ready for connection to connection block. Sensor and sensor cables should not be exposed to direct sunlight, the jacket around the cable is not UV resistant. The sensor can be shortened and lengthened.

Product sheet  

NOK 163.00 
If the sensor is used in a concrete floor it should be placed in an installation pipe which is sealed at the end and placed as high up as possible in the concrete. The sensor cable should be placed in a separate pipe. The sensor cable should not be placed parallel to cables transmitting large currents as this can lead to unwanted signals. Also keep the cables away from low voltage transformers and similar in connection with 12 V spotlights.

Note: Do not use this sensor with the thermostats -SI2- and -ECOSI2-. These products do not have galvanic insulation against 230 V. The sensor does not have an earth connection so can give electric shocks if water or similiar gets into the cable! Only use supplied grounded sensor for these thermostats.

TemperatureSensor8m is suitable for:

TemperatureSensor8m is suitable for