Wireless Temperature Sensor

No longer in production erstattet av Eco Temperature Sensor AAA

Wireless Temperature Sensor is easy to install since no cables are required. Perfect for monitoring temperature since it can send a warning for both high and low temperature.

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Wireless Temperature Sensor is compact and easy to install in the location where you need to know the temperature. You can use the inbuilt temperature sensor or an external temperature sensor.

You set the warning temperatures yourself and the temperature sensor sends you a warning when these limits are exceeded.

Suitable for installation in outdoor bathroom, pump room, cold store and similar. Can be installed in sealed box outside to read the outdoor temperature.

The detector runs on 2 x AAA alkaline batteries with a lifespan of up to 2 years. The sensor warns when the battery is running low.

Wireless Temperature Sensor is suitable for:
GSM Eco-Comfort
GSM Eco-Controller
CTM mTouch Hub
LAN Eco Comfort
GSM Eco-Starter
GSM Mini Plus
GSM Mini Plus (Switzerland)
Temperature Sensor, 8 m

Wireless Temperature Sensor is suitable for