Accumulateur interne

Inbuilt battery for Unité centrale means that the product can send an alert in the event of a power failure.

Batteries in Node such as Sonde de température (sans fil) are normally standard AAA batteries. These should be changed regularly, normally every other year.

Produits apparentés

Produits apparentés

Explications détaillées

Sikom products can be controlled in three different ways:

1) Node inbuilt in Unité centrale. This is unique for GSM Mini Plus.

2) Unité centrale communicates with Node via Contrôle par fréquence radio. A typical example of this is GSM ECO-Comfort.

3) Unité centrale controls electrical circuits directly, so called Contrôle par relais. For this option Unité centrale should be installed in the fuse box. A typical example of this is GSM Fixi Plus.