Contrôle par SMS

Contrôle par SMS means that you send SMS commands to control Unité centrale.

A typical command to turn on node 1 is '1234 R11' and the equivalent command for turning off is '1234 R10'.

'1234' is the PIN number which you can choose yourself, so that you are the only one with access to the control.

See also Contrôle par GPRS

Produits apparentés

Produits apparentés

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Tips for good GSM coverage:

1) Make sure that the GSM antenna is placed high up and mounted on a wooden wall or window, not close to a metal surface.

2) Remove the GSM antenna from rooms with poor coverage. See more information under Antenne GSM externe.

3) Make sure there is an unobstructed view from the GSM antenna to the nearest GSM base station.

Unité centrale is the starting point to controlling every single Node in your home or cabin. All control signals are sent via Unité centrale.

You send commands to Unité centrale from you mobile to turn the power on or off, and Unité centrale sends the command on to Node. Similarly, alerts from Node are sent via Unité centrale to your mobile.