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You can activate a subscription during the free trial period.
The remaining free trial period will automatically be added to the subscription you select.

If you have not chosen and paid for a subscription in the app yet, you can do this directly on your computer by following the link below:


The payment goes through the digital payment provider NETS Teller and you pay for the subscription by credit card. If you tick the box for automatic renewal, this allows your card number to be stored with NETS and the subscription will automatically be renewed without you having to do anything. This will work as long as your card does not expire before the next renewal date. If the card expires or is not active, you will be instructed to make another payment with another card in the app.

To stop automatic renewal of your subscription, please untick the box for automatic renewal under registration/subscription in your app.

Alerts from the system:
In order to receive alerts and alarms from the system directly on your
phone (push notifications), it is important to accept receiving notifications the first time you use the app. If you are not sure if you did this, delete the app and reinstall.

Receiving alerts:
It is important that your phone is connected to the Internet, either via
mobile data or Wi-Fi. You will then be able to receive alerts and alarms (push messages) on your phone. Alerts and alarms will also be sent to your email address.

Manual for app: