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You now log into the app by using your email and password.

The value code {1} can now no longer be used to log in.

If you have forgotten your email or password, you can request this from the login screen of the app.

To help you get started with the system, we have some tips for you:

You can activate a subscription during the free trial period.
The remaining free trial period will automatically be added to the subscription you select.

You create a subscription by utilizing the Sikom Account Manager (SAM). SAM can be opened by clicking "Manage account" on the account page of the app, or from your PC using the link below:


The payment goes through the digital payment provider NETS and you pay for the subscription by credit card. We never store your full credentials, and you can therefore not update your credit card information after you have paid.

If you have received a new credit card or your credit card is about to expire, simply wait until your subscription has expired and create a new subscription using your new credit card.

Automatic renewal of your subscription will in most cases be active. If you wish to stop this, click "Update card information" in SAM, and then click the button to delete your credentials.

Alerts from the system:
Notifications/alerts are always sent as push-notifications to all phones connected to your system. For this to work, the phones must be connected to the internet via cellular data/4G or Wi-Fi.

Notifications/alerts are also sent as an email to the email address that you used when registering.
If you desire SMS notifications or multiple email recipients, you need a premium subscription. You can then configure this on the account page of Sikom Living.

Manual for the app: