ECORelay is installed in the fuse box and is a development of our earlier relays (EGR1 and EGR3)

ECORelay has 3 16 A / 3600 W potential free relays with associated port for cabled temperature sensors.

The relays can be used individually as on/off switches or thermostat. By connecting cabled temperature sensors it is possible to make a temperature reading and activate temperature monitoring to send alerts at low temperature.

You can also activate thermostat function individually on the relay with a connected temperature sensor and use them as thermostats - switch between energy saving and comfort temperature.

ECORelay also has 3 ports for cabled alarm equipment, plus a siren relay which is activated if the central unit is activated by fire or break-in.

The relay module communicates wirelessly with the central unit, so it is very easy to install.

ECORelay also has control buttons so that you can control each relay locally.

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