Sikom EGR-3 is a slave relay for installation on DIN rail in fuse box. EGR-3 has 3 16A / 3600W relays with associated ports for temperature sensors so that the relays can be used as thermostats.

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NOK 1405.00 
EGR-3 communicates wirelessly with Unité centrale so is very easy to install. In addition to being used as a thermostat when connected to a temperature sensor it can also be used for monitoring high and low temperature.

EGR-3 can be set to pulse mode so that the outputs emits a pulse on activation. When activated, the function applies to all three outputs.

The pulse function is mostly used for controlling some types of waterborne heating, garage door operation, resetting routers and similiar specialized systems.

EGR-3 est compatible avec:
GSM ECO-Comfort
GSM EcoStarter Touch
GSM Mini Plus

EGR-3 est compatible avec