GSM ECO-Comfort

GSM ECO-Comfort is a very versatile large capacity control unit. It can control up to 64 wireless devices and covers everything from wireless plugs for control of heaters, relays for installation in fuse boxes, wireless floor/room thermostats and a wide range of detectors.

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NOK 2990.00 

Remote control of heaters

The easiest option for remote control of heaters is ECO Node, a wireless plug. The node is registered in the central unit so that the two units can communicate with each other. Place the node at the desired location, turn on the heaters and you can then control the heater. If you want temperature control for the node – switch between energy saving and comfort temperature – you also need a temperature sensor of the type Node temperature sensor 10 cm.

Remote control of heating cables

For remote control of heating cables, in addition to GSM ECO-Comfort you need one or more of our wireless room thermostats, ECO Thermostat SI-3 10A or ECO Thermostat SI-3 16A. You can decide on a energy saving temperature and a comfort temperature between 5 and 40 degrees. The thermostat can use the included floor sensor or inbuilt room sensor. The room thermostat must be installed by an authorised electrician. The thermostat is registered in the central unit and can therefore also be controlled remotely.

Remote control of an entire heating circuit

If you need to control an entire circuit we recommend that you use relay EGR-1 or EGR-3 installed in the fuse box. Together with a cabled Sonde de température, 8 m from the fuse box and out to room the relay can be used as a thermostat, switching between energy saving and comfort temperature.

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