GSM Mini

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Sikom GSM Mini is our Plug & Play solution for simple control purposes. GSM Mini is used to remotely activate heating as well as controlling industrial appliances. The unit can control up to 8 wireless electrical outlets by radio, making it your simplest and most reliable option if you want to control appliances such as heaters.

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Expansion of GSM Mini

GSM Mini is expandable. With Contrôle par fréquence radio this unit can be expanded with up to 9 wireless devices, such as ECO Node. This is a compact unit with inbuilt antenna for wireless control of auxiliary equipment. Consequently GSM Mini is most suitable for smaller houses and cabins, without many floors and dividing walls.

ECO Node is the perfect choice if you only want to control a few heaters. If you want to temperature control a ECO Node, i.e. switch between energy saving and comfort temperature, you also need a temperature sensor of the type Sonde de température pour Node, 10 cm. You can also take a reading of the temperature with the sensor.

Recommended auxiliary equipment for GSM Mini:

Remote control of GSM Mini

So that you as a customer are not bound to a certain control services provider, there are two options for remote control of the unit:

1) App control via Sikom Connect
2) Contrôle par SMS via your own SIM card.

Get started in no time

We have made it extremely easy to get started with GSM Mini. A GSM card from Sikom is pre-installed in GSM Mini
  1. Download the app MinHytte or SikomLiving to your mobile from App Store or Google Play.
  2. Enter the value code which is delivered with the product.
  3. Start controlling.
It couldn't be easier.

Important information about GSM Mini

For a compact size GSM Mini has an inbuilt GSM antenna. It works well in areas with a good GSM signal. If you don't have a good GSM-signal GSM ECO-Comfort gives more flexibility with external antenna connection and the option to use an outdoor antenna.

Accessoires compatibles avec GSM Mini