Détecteur de feu (sans fil)

Sikom Détecteur de feu (sans fil) is an optic smoke detector with wireless connection to Unité centrale. This makes it very easy to install, because no cables are required.

Runs either on mains electricity or 9V battery.

The smoke detector will of course have a local alarm as well as sending a warning to you.

If one detector is set off all other detectors will also be activated.

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NOK 1150.00 
If you use Détecteur de feu (sans fil) with 9V battery we recommend that you change it at least once a year. Remember that the main purpose of the detector is to save lives in the event of a fire.

Détecteur de feu (sans fil) est compatible avec:
GSM ECO-Comfort
GSM Alarm Controller III
GSM EcoStarter Touch
GSM Mini Plus

Détecteur de feu (sans fil) est compatible avec