These are some of our dealers in Norway:

Vision Engros


Local electronics firms and electronics wholesalers

Most electronics firms in Norway can deliver our products. Electricians can order the products from electronics wholesalers who deliver to the whole country.

Products which require a more complex installation should be installed by a qualified electrician. "DIY" products can also be installed and configured by an electrician.

Contact your local electrician for more information.

Dealers outside Norway

SwedenIntectra AB +46 (0) 941 10225
Denmark Legtech El-Teknik+45 77349045
FinlandNSP SÄHKÖPALVELU OY+358 0500-439 224
IcelandNortek EHF +35 458 77390
Ireland Text Smart +353 (0) 87 2861770
Lithuania UAB Telemetrijos Namai+370 618 38800
Latvia UAB Telemetrijos Namai+370 618 38800
EstoniaUAB Telemetrijos Namai+370 618 38800
Switzerland EcoStarter GmbH+41 21 550 2110