Rat zu einer guten GSM-Abdeckung

Tips for good GSM coverage:

1) Make sure that the GSM antenna is placed high up and mounted on a wooden wall or window, not close to a metal surface.

2) Remove the GSM antenna from rooms with poor coverage. See more information under Externe GSM-Antenne.

3) Make sure there is an unobstructed view from the GSM antenna to the nearest GSM base station.

Information from Telenor on GSM coverage is found on www.telenor.no/dekning and coverage map on www.telenor.no/privat/dekning/dekning_data.jsp.

Information from Netcom on GSM coverage is found on netcom.no/dekning and coverage map on netcom.no/dekningskart

Our products use the 2G network. If your produts include Sikom Connect you can use both the Telenor and Netcoms networks.

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